Our Team

The PURENERGY staff comes from a diverse background of power generation. The team includes engineers, MBAs, CPAs and other personnel with an average of more than 30 years experience in the industry.

Mr. Scholl is one of the three original Principals and President of PurEnergy Management Services LLC. With over twenty years of direct industry experience, Mr. Scholl has had direct oversight of thirty+ cogeneration/merchant facilities, effectuating PPA restructuring opportunities on five of the projects and in all cases, instituted creative business enhancements. Mr. Scholl is familiar with all aspects of projects, including thermal and fuel supply activities, third-party contract requirements, lender relations, power contracts, wholesale market activities, community relations, O&M activities and general business management. Mr. Scholl has overseen the growth of the company from its initial start-up to PurEnergy’s direct involvement in nearly $2 Billion of electrical generating.

Mr. Murphy is one of the three original Principals of PurEnergy LLC. He is experienced in a wide range of technologies and fuels, including gas turbine, combined cycle, coal, biomass and hydro. He currently oversees the operations of all PurEnergy facilities including operations, major maintenance, staffing issues, utility interface coordination and budgeting. He also provides advice and input into new or proposed facilities, and is involved with efforts to improve financial results by implementing performance enhancements and cost-reduction programs. He previously served as PurEnergy’s lead technical advisor and project manager for existing and prospective projects as well as overseeing the companies insurance and IT programs.