Distressed Energy Asset Services / Project Workout

PURENERGY has earned an excellent reputation as a company dedicated to rejuvenating power projects in need of technical or economic remediation. We apply a broad spectrum of professional, creative and cost-effective owner and general management services to a wide array of project needs. We will take on ownership positions in projects to provide restructuring alternatives and are flexible and creative in our compensation structure.

We have a proven success rate in assisting owners with restructuring existing assets to become competitive in today’s ever-changing market, including key contract renegotiation, debt refinancing, revenue conversions to market rates, reworked fuel supplies, isolation from steam hosts and other remediation measures to return assets to profitability.

For distressed or underperforming facilities, we offer both owners and lenders the opportunity to realize the full value of their investment. We do this by identifying and addressing problem areas and implementing strategies to enhance overall operations and for facilities that are currently operating successfully, we offer the management skills to further improve performance, the ability to provide asset management and O&M services, as well as the experience necessary to facilitate restructuring. We offer a full and flexible menu of services designed to meet owner/lender needs, including due diligence, consulting, project management and O&M services.

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In all cases, PURENERGY works to increase plant reliability and efficiency, restructure business agreements, manage costs and adapt each project to the demands and opportunities of today’s rapidly changing electric industry.

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“Our philosophy is to work in partnership with owners, lenders and suppliers alike, to ensure that every facility reaches its maximum potential in terms of both performance and investment value.”

-Donald W. Scholl, President